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3171 US Hwy 9 N #291

Old Bridge, NJ 08857

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3171 US Hwy 9 N #291

Old Bridge, NJ 08857

(732) 366-9348

Friendly Phone Support

Quick and Easy E-Mail Support

Frequently Asked Questions

​​How Do You Sell It So Cheap?

Because we seek out property owners with unwanted land, we are able to purchase parcels at wholesale pricing. We also provide our sellers with expedited payment options so they get paid quickly at a value they agree upon. It is a win-win for all parties involves.

Who Pays the Taxes?

Property taxes are listed for all of our for sale parcels.

When you buy a property from us, you can be sure all of the tax costs will be given upfront.

When you sell a property to us, we negotiate (within reason) with you to help pay off all back taxes and liens so they’re not transferred to the next owner.

Are There Any Limits To The Property I Am Buying?

Features such as utilities and access will all be laid out in the description for each available property.

RVs can be temporarily parked on most properties, but you should contact your county specifically for exact zoning laws.

If you plan on building on the property, you can refer to local builders and developers for rates.

Unless specified, BuyGreatLand will not do improvements on a property.

We sell surface rights only, not mineral rights.

Contact us directly if you have questions about a particular property.

Can I Build On This Land?

We do our best to get this information for our customers, and often times it is listed in the product description. However, there are specific zoning laws for each county. You can contact the Planning & Zoning Office for the county you’re interested in to confirm if your project is possible with your land.

How Can I Look Up The Property?

GPS Coordinates will be provided on all properties.

You can view them on Google Earth or Google Maps.

If you want to drive to the property, it’s best to put in the GPS coordinates into your phone or GPS and follow those directions.

We also provide extensive pictures so you can have an exact look at the land from all angles.

Often times, land will not have an address. You can look it up by it’s APN number.

Do You Offer Refunds?

No. All properties are sold "as is". Property listings includes all known information given by the town and county, but it is the buyer's responsibility to do the final due diligence. Please contact the appropriate county or town about land usage, building codes, etc.

How Can I Buy Land From BuyGreatLand?

See our “How it Works” section where we break down all the steps to purchasing your own land from us.

How Can I Sell My Land?

Fill out as much of our “Sell Your Land” form as possible and we’ll contact you with additional questions. Also see our “How it Works”section for exact steps in the process.